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EQUI-DROL By Cyba Labs
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Equi-drol is a versatile compound and is designed to be a hybrid that will lean you out but maximize your strength and size. Equi-drol will give you tremendous gains of quality muscle mass and cycles well with all Cyba-Labs products. It provides quality muscle gains and better endurance without water retention.

Formulated with “stacking” technology we have combined the right hardcore ingredients in the proper proportions to give you all the results you want. The amount of energy and focus is intense, pumps and vascularity will be out of control, but most importantly you will feel strong throughout your entire workout.

Equi-drol will dramatically increase muscle mass and strength. It will also increase your anaerobic/aerobic endurance allowing you to train harder and longer. Athletes taking Equi-drol have reported increased vascularity, mind blowing pumps, consistent size/strength gains and better endurance. Equi-drol is extremely effective for getting that rock hard look without sacrificing strength or size. So you want chiseled abs and hulk like strength in the gym, no other hybrid product is as versatile or potent.

Note: Due to extreme potency please take EQUI-DROL as directed. Consult physician before, during and after use.


Not sure what to cycle with Equi-drol? Don’t just guess… please visit our cycle page for professionally designed cycles and push yourself to your absolute genetic potential.

EQUI-DROL by Cyba-Labs