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“I just finished the “extreme mass” cycle. I put on 18 lbs of muscle mass and my bench went from 285 to 315 in 8 weeks. BAD-ASS! The buy two- get one free deal makes it perfect for stacking. Thanks, Cyba!”

San Diego, CA

“Wow!! I’ve been on the max shredded cycle for 4 weeks…what a difference in my workouts. Not only do I have tons more energy but my pumps feel like my skin is gonna explode. The girls love the 6 pack and the added size! Great products.”
Tallahassee, FL

“I was pretty skeptical after taking some products from a competitor that gave me nothing but an empty wallet. Imagine my surprise when I realized this stuff from Cyba-Labs actually works! After just 10 days on the “strength” cycle I am noticing a difference in the pumps I get. I can’t wait to see my gains after a full cycle.”
Richmond, VA

“Are you guys sure this sh*t is legal?”
Pittsburgh, PA

“I’m getting better results off decabolin and equi-drol then off the bu**sh*t underground juice I took 9months ago. These guys got it right.”
Columbus, GA

“This stuff is awesome!!!! It actually works and is cheaper than all the mainstream garbage I have been taking for years.”
Minneapolis, MN

“Are you kidding me, this stuff looks like real gear!! Works like real gear too!! Unbelievable.”
Dallas, TX

“Cyba-Labs has helped me in many ways to achieve my fitness goal by not only giving me a supplement that gives me mind blowing pumps and builds the muscle I want. All I had to do was take AD-50 with D-bolin 25 and have the best workouts ever. Now I’ve tried other supplements that help build muscle but nothing compares to Cyba-Labs. I know it’s a really good supplement because of the effect it has on my body. I notice a difference when I cycle off, total gains have been well worth the money.”
Craig D
Columbus, OH

“I recently began a cycle of the Extreme Mass cycle. I have to say that I am completely blown away by the results that I have seen so far. I have tried a lot of different kinds of muscle building supplements, and have NEVER seen these kinds of results so fast! After the Extreme Mass cycle, I plan to follow up with the Extreme Shredded cycle. I can’t wait to see what changes these amazing products bring. Thank you Cyba-Labs for finally giving me what I needed!”
New Castle, PA

“I have tried every supp out there. Including the other grey market products from other companies. This stuff is legit. Very strong and fast acting. D-bolin 25 has some kick ass ingredients.”
Gilbert, AZ

“I am so tired of all these companies using jacked up bodybuilders to push their sh*t. I would rather know where they get there stuff from then what product they are standing in front of. Cyba has some good strong stuff. Extreme Mass was a great cycle. I gained about 18 lbs, good strength also.”

“There are so many junk supplements on the market I was reluctenet to try something new. I have done 2 cycles of Equi-drol mixed with AD-50 and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I gained 18lbs of soild mass and my strength went up and stayed up, even after I came off. I have tried a lot of supplements over the years 95% of it is sh*t. This stuff works and is well worth the money.”
John W.
Cary, IL

“My buddies at the gym could not belive that I gained such quality muscle from a legal product. Big difference for junk I got from other companies. Bottom line, I was on my second round of the Mass cycle and my friends at the gym flat out accused me of being on the real stuff.”
Robert W

“I don’t have a ton of money for supplements but the buy 2 get 1 free and beginner cycles make each bottle only $53. You can’t buy any supplement this effective for the money. I tried the lean out cycle and I dropped 27 lbs and 6% body fat…IN 4 WEEKS!!!!”
Chris S
Bridgeton, NJ

“After cycling 4 weeks of AD-50, D-bolin 25 and Equi-drol, I have increased strength (crazy strength actually) during my workouts with longer pumps. It seems that this combination of products has insane results for me. I have seen a big difference with the combination of all three products. I tend to stack most products to achieve certain results based on each products strong point. This combo was perfect for the Anabolic and Anti-Catabolic effects I am looking for. This stack delivered everything I was looking for at a great price.”
Eugene K.
Allen, TX

“I finished 4 weeks of D-bolin 25 and it worked great for me. By the second week i went from benching 225 6-8 times to being able to rep it for 12. I also noticed it filled out my upper body a lot in the arms and shoulders. I recommend this product.”
Ed F.
Uniontown, PA

“I’ve cycled AD-50 and D-bolin 25 twice (4 bottles total) and was happy with the results. I didn’t feel it immediately – it took about 10 days to fully kick in, but once it did I definitely felt the difference. I felt more positive, more energetic, and stronger for my workouts. The amount of weight I was able to lift didn’t increase THAT dramatically, but there was a huge effect on my appearance. By the end of my 6 week cycle I looked bigger and fuller. My wife certainly wasn’t complaining about the added muscle and increased sex drive.”
James G
Yonkers, NY

“The leanout cycle is by far the best supplements I’ve ever taken to get ripped. One cycle of this along with cardio and I have lost 20lbs. Even with the weight loss my strength stayed the same as before. Now I look good in a tight shirt instead of the fat guy that shouldn’t be wearing one.”
Mitch C
Atlanta, GA

“I’ve taken the mass cycle for 2 months on and absolutely love it! Gained 21lbs of solid muscle mass! Im a hard gainer and those numbers are amazing! Highly recommended this cycle.”
Frank A Hempsted,